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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dog Bite :: Machino Machino

Atlanta’s very own Dog Bite, the one-man synth/sampling project of Phil Jones, recently released his debut single, “Machino Machino,” on Young Turks. It’s fairly reminiscent of his earlier work, particularly in the line of my personal favorite, “Indian Houses,” which I posted back in April.

Phil had been playing some shows with Washed Out, and opened for Gobble Gobble in late August, so I was hoping that he was making his way back into the business. And it’s always great to see a local artist getting some much deserved attention, so this one is a special treat for me. Grab the new single and “Indian Houses” below, and you can also download his Owls and Eyes EP here.

[mp3] Dog Bite - Indian Houses

[mp3] Dog Bite - Machino Machino


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