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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Railcars ∆ Sink No Ships (Demo)

"Sink No Ships" is a new demo from Aria Jalali, aka Railcars. It’s much lighter and less noisy than his previous work, drifting along to a tropical drum beat and masked by a sea of vocal layers and synth textures. He’s currently working on a full-length along with a cover album of Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love. For now, you can purchase his Cathedral With No Eyes EP here (vinyl) or here (digital), his Cities vs. Submarines EP, which “Bohemia Is Without A Sea” is taken from, here, and download a free Cathedral With No Eyes remix album here.

mp3 // Railcars - Sink No Ships

mp3 // Railcars - Bohemia Is Without A Sea



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