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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RxRy ∆ IIOYI (Strategy Pulse Feed Loop)

RxRy, like water, flows everywhere. His new album, VAEIOUWLS, trickles quietly while bubbles froth in deep caverns. It has electricity throughout — the fluid conducting, creating spurts of static and shock. “IIOYI” explores this static, yet comes across the gently breaking, transparent pulse below. And while in the beginning of the album there were jagged crystals in the water, “OEEIA” dissolves all of their sharp edges and all that’s left glides lightly out. So, for the soundtrack to your next cave dive, download VAEIOUWLS here.

mp3 // RxRy - IIOYI (Strategy Pulse Feed Loop)

mp3 // RxRy - OEEIA (Dissolve Mist Revolve Sine)



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