Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gil Scott HeronJamie xx :: NY Is Killing Me

Taken from We’re New Here, an endeavor in which Jamie Smith remixed the thirteen original songs from the original sessions of Heron’s I’m New Here.

We’re New Here is due out 21 February. Pre-order here. [via]

Weed Diamond :: Mean It

Although these two campfire songs from Colorado’s Weed Diamond are new, they seem to pre-exist the Snowmelt. They’re frozen, but crackle as if thawing. 

The limited edition release of  Carry On/Sweater Kids is available from Bridgetown Records.

[mp3] Weed Diamond - Mean It

[mp3] Weed Diamond - Honesty

Friday, November 26, 2010

Coma Cinema // Her Sinking Sun (KUMON PLAZA REMIX) from kisskissfantastic on Vimeo.

PremiereComa Cinema :: Her Sinking Sun (Kumon Plaza Remix)

Canada’s 8-bit, electro-kraut guru, Dylan Khotin-Foote, has returned as Kumon Plaza with this remix of Coma Cinema’s “Her Sinking Sun.” It’s available for download at his bandcamp. Grab the original here

[Video by Kiss Kiss Fantastic's Rachel Levy]

Gobble Gobble :: Nikki (I Am Not The-Dream cover)

I had a terrible dream last night that I missed a Gobble Gobble show, and when I called Cecil to ask him why he didn’t tell me they were coming to town, he said that he had, but that I claimed that I “had too much school work.” I woke up kind of bummed at the thought of missing that show and at the fact that I have a physics project to do, but then I checked my email and found a message from Cecil, reading:

"I’ve capitulated to the gods of thanksgiving. In their honor and yrs."

Following the message was this brilliant cover of The-Dream’s “Nikki,” bursting with seemingly unworldly sounds and energy, as usual. So, if you also succumbed to the endless indulgences of Thanksgiving, this one can surely pull you back to consciousness. 

[mp3] Gobble Gobble - Nikki (I Am Not The-Dream cover)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dog Bite :: Machino Machino

Atlanta’s very own Dog Bite, the one-man synth/sampling project of Phil Jones, recently released his debut single, “Machino Machino,” on Young Turks. It’s fairly reminiscent of his earlier work, particularly in the line of my personal favorite, “Indian Houses,” which I posted back in April.

Phil had been playing some shows with Washed Out, and opened for Gobble Gobble in late August, so I was hoping that he was making his way back into the business. And it’s always great to see a local artist getting some much deserved attention, so this one is a special treat for me. Grab the new single and “Indian Houses” below, and you can also download his Owls and Eyes EP here.

[mp3] Dog Bite - Indian Houses

[mp3] Dog Bite - Machino Machino