Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toro y Moi ∆ Leave Everywhere

"Leave Everywhere" is the new single from South Carolina’s Chaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Chaz at a couple shows down south and he is probably one of the kindest, humblest guys you’ll encounter, but it seems that he’s also into throwing curve balls. What threw me off at both shows was how many songs he played with little or no help from his KORG synth and MacBook. It was basically him performing with just an electric guitar, standard vocals, and some laid back dance moves. Now, I can’t be sure if he played “Leave Everywhere” either time, but I’m certain he played “Blessa” in this electronic-stripped sound and it actually sounded pretty sick. That being said, I was curious to hear the direction his new recorded material would take, so the sound of his newest A-side didn’t surprise me too much. With that, just expect something a little different from Toro’s upcoming Leave Everywhere 7” (at least the A-side), and be sure to pick it up 20 July on Carpark Records.

mp3 // Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

*Thanks to Mat Cothran for letting me know this was out. Make sure you check out his project, Coma Cinema, below!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New: Toro y Moi 7”


Toro Y Moi - Leave Everywhere

Toro y Moi  ∆ Leave Everywhere 7”. Out 20 July 2010 on Carpark.